Mature in the Faith


I so love going to Kenya and serving these folks, helping them mature in the faith. This photo is from Kisii during my last trip, in May of this year.

I find myself burdened though, about their maturity in the faith. Below is an excerpt from Epaphras as he deals with the same issues in my book:

Epaphras, still quiet, then heard the sounds of the city coming to life and thinking of his people who had to live in that world every day he exclaimed, “Oh Lord, how I long to see them mature in the faith.[1] I trust You Father to fill me with the knowledge of Your will, giving me all wisdom and spiritual understanding so that I walk worthy of You, especially as I correct my people, and grow in the knowledge of You.”[2]

Above, Epaphras is in prayer when he prays, not only for them, his congregation, but himself too. I do the same thing. So often I NEED to pray, trusting God as I direct, and sometimes, correct my friends in Kenya.

As you think about me, pray for me, would you? I so need it!

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[1] Colossians 4:12m

[2] Colossians 1:9b-10


Epaphras Struggles with Thanksgiving

Epaphras, Thanking God for EverythingIn The Pray-ers, on page 97, Epaphras

“. . . recalled his challenging learning experience with Paul three years earlier, about being thankful. . .”

As you read this short post, it came about from the need to check our motivation in our current politically charged world. And yet, as I was praying through this issue, I began to realize that the issues we face here, and that we truly desire to handle with prayer, require us to consider SO MUCH MORE, namely, we MUST look at how being thankful FOR everything, not just IN everything is a paramount prayer principle.

I so enjoy these character’s and the way they model prayer for us.    Alexander Rich, Itinerant Preacher

Alexander Rich on page 148 deals with this issue as he prays:

“Your Word also says that I am to be thankful regarding everything.[1] So I thank You, Lord, for this heaviness on my heart. I don’t know why it is there, but I trust You to unfold for me what I can give thanks for.”

[1] Ephesians 5:20; 1 Thessalonians 5:18

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Abortion In The Church

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Abortion among believers in the church is an issue that I felt compelled to introduce in my first novel, The Pray-ers. The article referenced above which you can link to by clicking on the picture is an excellent read.

While I’d like to give you some of the excerpts from my book, so that you can see how it is dealt with, I cannot, because I fear that it would impact your enjoyment of this part of the story which, even though a small part of the book, impacts key aspects of the two of the character’s lives.

While abortion is a very small part of my book, but I think you will see that the way the characters deal with it is very much like Jason Jones encourages in his article here.

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Earth’s Age Confirmed by Hael



While The Ark Encounter is being advertised on Times Square, our modern day prayer hero received a confirmation from Hael, his guardian angel. They are talking about the wonderful late teacher Dr. Walter Martin and how he never let dogma get in between his loving on people for the sake of the gospel, and then on page 126, this interchange occurs, with Hael speaking:

“And as for the age of the earth, you know that he believed in an old earth, right? Well, when he got to heaven, he learned that the earth is only six-thousand-ish years old.”

Dale smiled, “Yes, I knew he would. . . .”

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The reason for this short post is to share with how I have been praying for the upcoming Ark Encounter opening. In fact I just posted on it. You might find my post interesting. But frankly you may find it a bit odd. Let me know what you think:


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Praying Without Ceasing



On page 45 of The Pray-ers, our itinerant preacher, Alexander Rich is known as a man who never ceases to pray. . .

The preacher, known both here on earth and in heaven as a man of prayer would never cease to pray.[1] He and God would talk about everything and anything at any time.

[1] 1 Thessalonians 5:17

I just wrote a post on THE RESULTS of praying without ceasing. You might find this short post encouraging:



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An Excerpt NOT in the Novel, or is it?

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pic_2No, Dr. Dale does not drive his car into a “Drive Thru Prayer Line” nor does he begin one in Macon GA, but, interestingly enough, there is a picture, in the mind of Hael, that if God ever gives Hael his wish, those around Dr. Dale’s car will begin to pray immediately. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what that scene is without stealing from the book, but as you read it, you’ll see what the Guardian Angel Hael wants to do.


Pic_1And then there is our Itinerant Preacher, Alexander Rich. In a very real way, he and Sterling (his horse) ride up to Bro. Ted Mark’s home, and Bro. Hubert pulls up his buggy and all three go to town praying. They are, if you’ll allow the stretch, driving-thru to pray-thru a very challenging problem, together.


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Dr. Dale and Stanislaus State College



Doc had gone to Stanislaus State College, at the time a small college in the California state system. Now it had university status in a little town called Turlock, located 90 miles south of Sacramento in the central valley. The central valley became prominent to Dale’s generation by the old cowboy TV program, The Big Valley, where the matron Barbara Stanwyck ran her ranch. The San Joaquin Valley where the TV program took place is part of the “Great Central Valley” which is made up of The San Joaquin Valley in the south and The Sacramento Valley in the north. Together this “Great Central Valley” is hundreds of miles long from north to south.

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Chapter 1, Angels and Demons



As you read this excerpt you may see some of Frank Peretti and his brilliant way of describing scenes. Please note that I didn’t try to copy his work. But let’s face it, Frank Peretti is the best! I remember sitting on a beach reading the last chapter of one of his books where the heroine is saved. I remember crying as I read it. Continue reading